Thursday, May 10, 2007

Zero Masculinity?

Another psycho-test, and a different result. I do recognize myself, but this time my brain shows an absolutely zilch-zero-nil masculine disposition. I suppose I only got the "slightly male brain" test result on the BBC psycho test for entirely screwing up on the "moved objects" part of the test. And for my ability to recognize shapes placed in varying angles.

This test had, of course, a different angle. No tests on spatial vision or remembering shapes, but a bias on personality traces. As I said, I can relate to the results. Then again, these results are always presented in a slighltly flattering, "think positive" kind of way.

Anyway, here´s who and how I am(present state of mind):

My Personal Dna Report

And the same displayed slightly differently:

If you want to take the test, click here.

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