Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Simple Prop To Occupy My Time

For no particular reason, other than reflecting upon some German to English translation with my sweetheart the other day, BANG!, there it was, that good old R.E.M. song. Not a love song.

Not that I actually need a prop - simple or not - to occupy my time ... In fact, time´s a sparse commodity (well, you probably know that yourself) - and at present, I tend to use it for all kinds of things, apart from the ones I really should be devoting more of it.

I am (ab)using it currently to entertain my three blogs. Yes, despite my good intentions not to get myself involved too much and not to engage in blogging on Yahoo 360, I have turned into a regular there. And not only am I blogging, but I am posting my - ahem! - valuable comments on my friends´ blogs, having found a couple of really thoughtful, creative, passionate, witty, funny and intelligent folks there. It´s addictive, it really is! And I am spending a lot of time fishing the net for pictures to accompany my postings with, having realized that if I want to reach not only a small audience, I better keep the text dose low.

And then there´s my erotic blog, which - after finally attracting a little more traffic - keeps my mind and time occupied.

So, what I should be doing instead, or predominantly - trading (to actually earn some dough); getting my and our life in order and sorted out to prepare for our take-off; continue to write my first screenplay (this time I am determined to actually finish it - and I have a deadline: my sweetheart´s B-day, it´s a surprise for him); and, of course, having sex, sex and more sex - not that we´re not having any, but I could always do with more of that.

But I keep up my running three times a week. Then again, that´s not a big deal.

Ok, so even though this here is not a love song, and I don´t need a (simple) prop to occupy my time - this one still goes out to the one I love.

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