Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Er, forgive me for double-posting ...

I have decided to back up my Y360 blog here. Just in case. For no apparent reason (other than perhaps containing a naked butt picture, even if that is completely non-erotic and in an asexual context), Yahoo seems to follow an at times not quite logical policy of deleting user´s pics, blogs or perhaps complete profiles.

Because a lot of work has gone into some of those posts, I don´t want them to simply disappear for some reason unknown to me.

Also, perhaps some new readers on blogger will come across this stuff and, you know, perhaps brighten my day with insightful comments (hint, hint ...).

Alora, andiamo!

UPDATE: Looks like I was too slow. One of my entries (of which, of course, I had no backup whatsoever) has already been deleted ... even though it had been marked "mature" ....

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