Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ship of Fools

Ship of Bush

Side acknowlegements: This wonderful parody of "Ship of Fools" is from As usual, I found it by picture googling .

Crazy times in a crazy world. Not that it´s ever been much different, but currently it feels to me as if the speed is accelerating.

The bursting bubble of borrowed material wealth has, or so it turns out, been but an illusion that everyone pretended was a reality, until the foundation started to crumble in a manner that could no longer be ignored. And I am not only referring to collapsing bridges, nor, this time, to the fact the we, the wealthy nations, have been living at the expense of other, less fortunate ones.

No, this time it´s damage we have been inflicting onto ourselves and to one another, by repackaging, hiding, and shifting parcels of worthless paper, neatly wrapped into fancy looking packages that are now popping up seemingly everywhere, and much to everyone´s surprise.

Wipes your account clean real fast!

Negative savings rate, anyone? "Credit crunch", by the way, is not the latest ceral. If anything, it could turn out to be serial, as in "serial killer".

The dripping exodus not only in corporations, but also within administrations (Rummy, Rove, Gonzales, Snow - who´s next? Condi, perhaps?) gives me an unhealthy feeling in my guts. Especially when taking this into account (don´t believe SFGate? Then check out the ultimative authoritative source itself). Or that.

Are the more knowledgeable fools jumping ship? Do they know something that we don´t? (I most certainly assume they do, I´d just like to know what the hell it is!)

Blimey, I sound like the apocalyptic rider. Or like one of these "The end is near!" prophets.

The End.

I´ve been spending too much time on various message boards, no doubt. There should be a surgeon general´s warning before letting anyone enter. Not that that would stop anyone, at least no more than the blunt warnings printed on cigarette and tobacco packages stop anyone from smoking.

The human race was dying out

No one left to scream and shout.

People walking on the moon

Smog will get you pretty soon.

Everyone was hanging out

Hanging up and hanging down

Hanging in and holding fast

Hope our little world will last.

Along came Mr. Goodtrips

Looking for a new ship.

Come on people better climb on board

Come on babe we're going home.

Ship of fools, Ship of fools.

The human race was dying out

No one left to scream and shout.

People walking on the moon

Smog gonna get you pretty soon.

Ship of fools, ship of fools

Ship of fools, ship of fools

Ship of fools, ship of fools

Climb on board

Ship's gonna leave you all, far behind.

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(The original "Ship of Fools" painting, by Hieronymous Bosch, drawsn c. 1490-1500)

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