Sunday, April 29, 2007

Is This The Real Life?

No, I have never faked it. Orgasm, that is. If I don´t have one, then I don´t have one. Period, and no big drama. Faking it, in this case, just seems silly to me. Anyway, that´s not what I was actually going to ramble about, but hopefully, this caught your attention. Ok, I´ll start anew ...

Hey, I am a 26-year-old, naughty, curious blonde with long hair, I´m a 35C, 6 feet tall, I weigh 80 pounds, and I am bi(-curious).

Nah ... of course you know I´m a 40-something female with none of those ideal features (biiiig boobs, long, blonde hair, a body like this weeks´ playmates´, who can wear mini skirts without looking like a runner whose shorts have burst in the middle ...). Would it be different if I had a pic of that perfect blonde going with my profile? Accompanied, of course, by a different birthday date? Probably yes - the power of images is just overwhelming (that´s another story, in fact).

When I come across a profile with a pic which is just a tad too perfect, it usually flashes "FAKE!" all over. But apart from the pic, which might look too good to be true and hence inspire some distrust, the rest might be coming across as pretty much believable. And then I start to wonder how much of that cyber person is actually real, which in itself makes the encounter - well, interesting.

In cyber reality, we can be pretty much whatever and whoever we want. But somehow our personality is bound to creep in, one way or the other. Perhaps I lack the fantasy or the mental endurance for entering the online stage as a complete new and other self, constructing an entirely new reality around myself.

I am therefore amazed at (and in fact: admire) those who take the time and effort to do just that and submerse (or immerse) themselves completely within another world, like the Dungeons-and-Dragons players used to do, or perhaps nowadays the Second-Life inhabitants. Or some of the folks I have come across in the couple of weeks now that I have participated in Yahoo 360. In some profiles, fantasy takes on a very literal form, in that mythic elements, elfs, fairies, witches or simply the "dark side" are a prominent feature, both in terms of the design of their pages, and in terms of what and how topics are covered in the respective blogs. What a fantastic way to live out ones secret desires. Or to simply escape from (a perhaps bland) reality.

On a slightly different vein, when reading erotic blogs (aka sex stories), I sometimes wonder if what is described is actually an account of the author´s experience, pure fantasy, or a mixture of both. Now, some blogs declare that what you encounter is purely fictitious, others may leave it up to the reader to decide, and still others give themselves a decidedly realistic touch.

On one occasion my sweetheart declared, not without a certain amount of frustration (and sounding at least a little jealous), "Hey, when reading some of those stories, I think to myself, Gosh! What a great sex life some people have! The things they are doing, and the places they are doing it!" (Hey! Do you mean to tell me that our sex life is sooo terribly dull, just because we don´t have sex on the bus or in the elevator - well we very nearly did, we actually started that the other night, so ...!) That´s in fact the only occasion where I got a little annoyed at this "fantasy-or-reality?" teasing spiel, because it made our (not-so-bad!!! *frown*) sex life look like a boring bag of old wine.

Are my own erotic stories real? I deliberately declare them as fantasies. However, some of them actually happened, some of them have happened in part, with some details added (that is, made up), and some of them will probably never ever happen. But somehow, they are all part of myself, even if its just some bogus story bred by some darker (or lighter) streak of my mind.

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